The Plate Mill has an annual installed capacity of 350,000 hot rolled plates with the following dimensional range: thickness 5-100 mm (130 mm upon request), width up to 3’050 mm and length 3,500-18,500 mm.Tolerances for hot rolled steel plates according to EN10029, ASTM A6, ASTM A20, ASME SA6, ASME SA20.

At the Plate Mill slabs are reheated in pusher furnaces and rolled in to plates in a high reversing mill, levelled and then cooled on cooling beds and sheared or flame cut to the ordered size. The Plate Mill is equipped with a built-in automatic system weak rolling - AGC, X-ray thickness gauge in the process of rolling, automatic marking, sheet cutting, line of sand blasting and painting and sheet casting. The steel plates are used for applications such as shipbuilding, pressure vessels, bridge construction, mining and industrial machinery, and windmill structures, all of which require high quality and high strength. 
The company is renowned for its ability to achieve very short delivery times and can cater to orders of difficult specifications, with no limits on quantity of the sizing sought and quality.

Installed Machinery & Equipment Plate Mill

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