Donations & Sponsorships

Makstil is committed to present its image as a socially responsible company and following its enthusiasm to donate in projects which encourage social change and helps to create a tangible, positive change among stakeholders and on the community as a whole.

Every year, Makstil supports different projects and charities in various social and community fields.

Makstil supports the following charity fields:
  • Health related charities – preventive healthcare, promotion of the healthy lifestyle, providing medical equipment as well as support to the Public Healthcare system;
  • Education charities – support od the programs that help improve the educational system;
  • Arts and culture charities – support of the programs and activities that provide promotion of the national and cultural heritage;
  • Sports related charities – support of the sport-based youth development programs;
  • Local and wider community projects.
At Makstil we prioritize for Donations the following social and community fields:
  • Preventive and healthcare donations (marginalized persons and groups) including health prevention activities;
  • Social welfare and support for programs that improve the living conditions of people with disabilities;
  • Ecology, support od the projects that protect and improve the environment;
  • The development of science education;
  • Promotion of the sport related charities.
At Makstil we prioritize for Sponsorship the following fields:
  • Support of the sport clubs and sport events;
  • Conferences, business and professional events, research and development;
  • Further education sponsorship;
  • Sponsorships for art and cultural events.
How to apply for donations & sponsorships

You are invited to send your applications via: 

  • Our corporate email address: or 
  • By post: Makstil AD Skopje, PR & Investors Department, st. 16 Makedonska brigada no. 18, 1000 Skopje.
Guidelines for applying for donation/sponsorship

The following information is required to be provided by applying:

  • Information related to the project objective or event,
  • Background of the organization,
  • Project/event description, 
  • Required amount for the project,
  • Other associated information that could help us evaluate your request.

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