Energy Management Policy

By integrating energy management into business practice, Makstil AD has established a process for the continuous improvement of energy performance.

EnMS provides a framework for managing energy performance and addressing energy costs, while at the same time helps reducing its environmental impact to meet emissions reduction targets.

Energy benefits from the implementation of ISO 50001:
  • Improved energy performance and more efficient energy management;
  • Energy savings (electricity, natural gas, oxygen used in production process);
  • Systematic approach towards energy objectives and goals to complete action plans that lead to continual improvement of energy performance;
  • Focus on future energy consumption.
Non-energy benefits from the implementation:
  • Productivity improvement;
  • Reduced risk of utility service disruptions or price peaks;
  • Reduces emissions.


Makstil is committed to responsible use of electricity and energy, thus reducing consumption. Makstil contributes to a sustainable society by utilizing the latest technological advances and employee dedication, and aims to reduce unnecessary energy loss, familiarize employees with the importance of energy management, continuous improvement of energy performance, improved documentation and information reduction of consumption. 

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